What to see in Norseman

Norseman is an amazing place to visit as there is nowhere else like it on earth.  In the heart of the world’s largest temperate woodland, we can offer you the most vivid colourscapes.  Rich ochre shades of dirt and rock set off 250, 000 square kilometers (40 million acres) of tall woodlands, granite rocks, mallees, ironstone ridges, shrubs, and stark salt lakes.  You can experience traditional culture and animals unique to the region that can’t be found elsewhere.  The rugged beauty, stunning stars and wide open spaces will stick in your memory forever.


Located a handy stroll down our street is our talented local photographer, Lynn Webb’s Gallery. Lynn lives in Norseman and takes stunning pictures of our wild region. His art has to be seen to believed. Be sure to check if Lynn is in the Gallery or off shooting spectacular images before you pop down.

Woodlands Cultural Community and Visitor Centre


The friendly team at the Woodlands Cultural, Community and Visitor Centre will help you discover things you didn’t know you could do in this fantastic region. The centre is cleverly designed to give a woodlands-like atmosphere. Enjoy the interpretive displays, artefacts, imagery and murals from Ngadju country. It is conveniently open 6 days a week so make a stop here before planning your adventures. You may even find a few more ideas to add to your bucket list.

Historical Museum

Let your imagination run wild when you check out a piece of NASA’s 77.5-tonne Skylab that fell in our backyard in 1979.  Lose yourself amongst this and many other historical treasures in the old School of Mines building, including an outdoor machinery display.


Hardy Norseman the horse made history in 1894 when his owner, Laurie tethered him up for a good night’s sleep. In the morning Laurie found Hardy Norseman had revealed a gold nugget where he had been pawing the ground. A rich gold reef was found, all thanks to Norseman the horse.

Us residents of Norseman are glad Laurie and Hardy Norseman stopped here for the night on their way from Coolgardie to Esperance. It’s a great story and town name.

Tin camels

Having a photo with our tin camels is a must when you come to town. They are a tribute to the hard working camel trains that used to service our region by carrying freight to and from the town. Our wide, sweeping streets are still big enough to turn a train of 70 camels in today.


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