Norseman Attractions

The history of Norseman is very much tied to the Norseman gold mine. Gold mining in the Norseman area began with the chance discovery of gold at nearby Lake Dundas in 1892. A gold attractions norseman horse statuerush soon began. Today however the original Dundas fields now lay abandoned. According to local legend the town of Norseman was named after a horse. It is said that in 1894 a horse named "Hardy Norseman" was tethered to a tree for the night by its owner, Laurie Sinclair. Upon returning to his horse Sinclair had the good fortune to discover that "Norseman" had unearthed a gold nugget. Since then a statue has been erected in honour of Norseman - but not surprisingly it is only cast in bronze!

Today Gold Mining continues to be a major activity with reports that the Norseman fields have produced over 5 million ounces of the precious yellow metal.

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