If you are looking for Norseman accommodation, stay at the Norseman Great Western Travel Village. Stay with us and discover the historic town of Norseman, the gateway to Western Australia and the Nullarbor.

Norseman has been, and still is, an important gold mining town since 1894 at the Western Australian end of the trip across the Nullarbor. Located 726 kilometres east of Perth and 278 metres above sea level, Norseman is the last major town in Western Australia before heading east across the Nullarbor Plain.

For people heading across the Nullarbor Plain it is essential to stop at the Norseman Visitor Centre in Roberts Street (signposted off the Eyre Highway) where there are a number of invaluable brochures available which provide detailed and up-to-date information on the cost and availability of accommodation, water, credit cards, food, fuel and other facilities at all the major stopover points on the route.

Also available is information on all the local points of interest in and around Norseman and everything you want to know about Western Australia.